T'oros Roslin

Datesactive 1256 - 1268
RolesIlluminator, Scribe

Scholars consider T'oros Roslin the most accomplished master of Armenian manuscript illumination. He left his signature in the colophons of seven manuscripts-primarily gospel books-made in Hromklay between 1256 and 1268. As Roslin's last name was not Armenian, his parents may have immigrated to Armenia from the west. He worked in the kingdom of Cilicia primarily for two important patrons, King Het'um I of Lambron and Katholikos Constantine I. Under the patronage of Constantine I, the scriptorium at Hromklay produced manuscripts of unequaled artistic accomplishment. Armenia's unique commercial ties and geographic position gave these artists access to a variety of models from Western European, Byzantine, and even Chinese art. Comparisons of the format and design of Roslin's canon tables with those by Yohannes, also active at Hromklay, reveal that Roslin was his pupil.