François Rémond

  • 1747 - 1812, master 1774
  • Artist, Maker
  • French

François Rémond was a leading Parisian gilder during the second half of the 1700s. He began his apprenticeship in 1763 and became a master in the guild of bronze gilders eleven years later. Rémond produced extensively, building up a successful business patronized by members of the French court and the marchand-mercier Dominique Daguerre. He collaborated on some pieces with the bronze caster Pierre Gouthière, helping him on some of his larger projects until Gouthière declared bankruptcy in 1788. Rémond supplied clockmakers with stock items such as decorative mythological figures, floral ornaments, and urns, as well as producing firedogs, candelabras, clocks, and furniture mounts for various ébénistes, including David Roentgen.