Ludger Tom Ring the Younger

Dates1522 - 1584

Part of a family dynasty that dominated painting in Münster, Ludger Tom Ring the Younger primarily painted portraits and still lifes. Unlike his father and brother, who painted for the Catholic Church, Ring proclaimed himself a Protestant, which apparently caused no family schism. He apprenticed to his father, stayed in the family home and then lived with his brother until at least 1555. Both brothers were known for their gaily colored, costumed figures. Until 1569 Ring earned his living by painting the aristocracy in Lower Saxony in formats ranging from miniatures to full-length. He then settled in Brunswick, where the leading burghers were his subjects. His detail-filled biblical scenes and his paintings of flowers from 1562 are among the earliest of their kind, anticipate the developments in flower painting in the 1600s.

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