Francesco Antonio Franzoni

Dates1734 - 1818

Francesco Antonio Franzoni was one of the most important sculptors and restorers of antique sculpture in Rome in the late 1700s. Arriving in Rome from Carrara around 1765, he was soon involved in some of the most prestigious building projects in the city, including the funerary monument to Princess Maria Flaminia Odescalchi-Chigi in S. Maria del Popolo and marble works in the Palazzo Altieri. But Franzoni is best known for his work in the Museo Pio-Clementino, the Vatican museum of antiquities, for which he restored many important fragmentary antique sculptures and provided decoration and furnishings.

Intimate with Pope Pius VI for the majority of his career, Franzoni also worked for members of the pope's family, the Braschi. He produced a clock for the façade of Saint Peter's Basilica and decorated the family's palazzo on the piazza San Pantaleo.

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