Gaspero Bruschi

Dates1701 - 1780

Gaspero Bruschi, a Florentine sculptor, was associated with the Doccia porcelain manufactory at its establishment and through its heyday. A pupil of sculptor Girolamo Ticciati, Bruschi worked in a Florentine Baroque style that appealed to the founder of the new Doccia porcelain factory, Marchese Carlo Ginori. In 1737 Ginori hired Bruschi to head the factory as his first chief modeler. Bruschi may have convinced Ginori to buy the molds of Florentine Baroque sculptors for re-use as molds for porcelain pieces. These molds supplied the style and forms that gave the small-scale Doccia porcelain statues their powerful, monumental quality. Bruschi's tenure at the factory coincided with the highest quality Doccia ware. The quality of the factory's production declined in 1757 with Ginori's death and fell further after Bruschi's death in 1778.

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