Datesactive 510 - 480 B.C.
RolesArtist, Painter
NationalityGreek (Attic)

The signature of Pamphaios survives on over fifty Athenian vases. Around 510 B.C, Pamphaios appears to have taken over the large pottery workshop of Nikosthenes, when the latter either died or retired. As with the signatures of Nikosthenes, it appears that the name of Pamphaios, spelled in varying ways by different painters, was a kind of trademark on the products of the workshop, rather than the artist's actual signature. Many of the painters in Nikosthenes' workshop, like the Nikosthenes Painter, Oltos and Epiktetos, stayed on after Pamphaios took over; and the workshop's production of red-figure pottery was expanded. Pamphaios also seems to have continued the workshop's innovation and interest in the Etruscan export market. The earliest surviving stamnos, a shape especially popular in Etruria, is signed by Pamphaios.