Painter of the Wedding Procession

Datesactive about 362 B.C.
RolesArtist, Painter
NationalityGreek (Attic)

Working in Athens in the 300s BC, the Painter of the Wedding Procession decorated pottery primarily in the red-figure technique. As with most vase-painters, his real name is unknown, and he is identified only by the style of his work. He decorated mostly large vases, such as hydriai and lebetes. He was also one of the many vase-painters who received a commission for Panathenaic amphorae, which were always decorated in the old-fashioned black-figure technique. The Painter of the Wedding Procession was among the last vase-painters working in Athens before the tradition of painted ceramics died out in Greece. He produced vases in the Kerch style, named for a city on the Black Sea in southern Russia where many vases in this style have been found.

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