Andrea Previtali

Datesabout 1480 - 1528

Little documentation exists for Andrea Previtali's life. He was first recorded in 1502 when he signed and dated a Virgin and Child with Donor, describing himself as a "disciple" of Giovanni Bellini, whose workshop he probably had joined between 1490 and 1500. In 1512 Previtali was in Bergamo, perhaps called there by a noble family who gave him numerous commissions including altarpieces and portraits. He and his friend Lorenzo Lotto, who arrived in 1513, became Bergamo's most renowned resident painters.

Using Bellini's conception of the natural world as deeply imbued with holiness, Previtali painted mostly religious subjects featuring landscapes. He often derived poses and figure types from Bellini and set them against freely painted landscapes recalling Giorgione's style. Giorgione may also have inspired Previtali's darker, more uncertain sense of nature's mystery.