Caivano Painter

Datesactive 340 - 330 B.C.

The Caivano Painter decorated vases in the red-figure technique. He worked in the Campanian style in Capua, one of the Greek colonies in South Italy. As with most Greek vase-painters, the real name of the Caivano Painter is unknown; he is named after the town where some of his work has been found. The Caivano Painter frequently represented unusual mythological and theatrical subjects. Warriors wearing local Oscan armor and women wearing dresses with dotted stripes down the middle often appear in his work. As well as the usual white and yellow, the Caivano Painter added purplish-red to his scenes to achieve a rich, colorful result.

The Caivano Painter strongly influenced Paestan vase-painting, another South Italian regional style, and he may even have worked in Paestum.