Filippino Lippi

Datesabout 1457 - 1504
BornPrato, Italy
DiedFlorence, Italy

Filippino Lippi was so well renowned during his lifetime that shops in the center of Florence closed on the day of his burial. He began his training with his father, Fra Filippo Lippi, a well-regarded painter who had previously instructed Botticelli. After his father's death in 1469, Lippi's guardian took him to study under Botticelli, from whom Lippi derived his depiction of twisted fingers and exaggerated joints and veins. By the time he was thirty, Lippi himself was considered a reputable artist and began working for the Medici family. Lippi is best known for his altarpieces, innovative scenes with dynamic figures whose subtly defined expressions and gestures provoke contemplation, but he was also a prolific draftsman who made many preparatory studies for both panel paintings and frescoes. According to one scholar, more drawings have been attributed to Lippi than to any other artist of the 1400s, apart from Leonardo da Vinci. He may have left more drawings because he conceived such complex arrangements, often integrating figures within illusionistic architectural devices.