Datesby 1395 - about 1455
RolesArtist, Illuminator
BornPisa or Verona, Italy

Antonio Pisano, known as Pisanello, was one of the most popular artists of his time. Although he identified himself as a painter in his signatures, he trained as a goldsmith and was an excellent draftsman. He worked at the courts of Mantua, Ferrara, Pavia, Milan, and Naples and was especially beloved by the Gonzaga and Este families.

In the early years of his career, Pisanello worked with the painter Gentile da Fabriano. In addition to painting on panel and fresco, he also worked as a medalist. He is credited with the creation of the personal commemorative medal, making the first example for the Emperor John VIII Palaeologus on the occasion of a Church council. This type of medal, revived from antiquity, glorified the represented ruler.

Except for a brief stint in 1439, when Pisanello became involved in the capture and sack of Verona, he worked almost continuously. He was last recorded in 1449 at the Aragonese court in Naples but may have lived until 1455.