Underworld Painter

Datesactive about 340 - 310 B.C.
RolesArtist, Painter
NationalityGreek (Apulian)

Working in the Greek colonies in Apulia in South Italy, the Underworld Painter decorated vases in the red-figure technique. A student of the Darius Painter, one of the most influential Apulian vase-painters, the Underworld Painter specialized in the decoration of large vessels such as kraters and loutrophoroi. His work ranged from standard mythological scenes to occasional scenes drawn from the theater to conventional funerary scenes popular at this time. In all these scenes, the Underworld Painter had a tendency toward over-elaboration, whether it was sumptuously patterned clothing or ornate border patterns. As with most ancient artists, the real name of the Underworld Painter is unknown, and he is identified only by the stylistic traits of his work. Scholars named him after a scene of the Underworld on a volute-krater now in Munich.