Pol Fruit

Datesactive about 1468

Very little is known about the Flemish illuminator Pol Fruit. The accounts of the powerful duke of Burgundy, Philip the Good, mention a payment to him for the painted initials of a historical manuscript made in Bruges: Á Pol Fruit, enlumineur, pour avoir enluminé de grosses lettres petites et moyennes (To Pol Fruit, illuminator, for having illuminated the large, medium, and small letters).

The manuscript with Fruit's illuminated letters is now in Brussels, and the J. Paul Getty Museum owns fifteen single illuminated leaves from the volume. The well-known illuminator Loyset Liédet painted the manuscript's miniatures after Fruit finished the initials. Since the duke's accounts only mention Fruit once and the Bruges guild did not list him among its registered illuminators, Fruit was probably one of a number of illuminators working in Liédet's workshop.

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