George Kendall Warren

Dates1834 - 1884
BornNashua, New Hampshire, United States
DiedBoston or Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

George Kendall Warren began his long and prolific photographic career in 1851 in Lowell, Massachusetts, opening one of the city's first daguerreotype studios. He was celebrated for his portraiture and frequently photographed celebrities, and he also specialized in college-album photography. When the portrait business in Lowell began to flag just prior to the Civil War, Warren turned to specializing exclusively in senior class photographs for colleges including Dartmouth, Princeton, Williams, Harvard, Brown, Yale, and Rutgers universities. Encouraged by this success, he opened a studio in Cambridge in 1863 and began an extended project depicting the architecture and campus life at Harvard and around Harvard Square.

In 1870 Warren moved to Boston, opening a second studio there and soon after a third near his home in Cambridgeport. He reestablished himself as a celebrity portrait photographer, earning praise from a reviewer: "...Mr. Warren gives more character to his pictures than any [photographer] now in New England....His well worth a visit."