Lambert Doomer

Dates1624 - 1700

Lambert Doomer's father, a frame-maker and cabinetmaker, first trained his son to be a joiner. By the early 1640s, however, Doomer was probably studying with one of his father's picture-frame customers, Rembrandt van Rijn, who painted portraits of Doomer's parents. Known for his work as a topographical draftsman, Doomer largely based his drawings on his travels. In 1646 he visited his brothers at Nantes, returning to northern France via the Loire valley and sketching châteaux and towns such as Saumur and Le Havre. He made several journeys through the Netherlands and in 1663 he traveled up the Rhine. From 1669 to 1695, Doomer lived mostly in Alkmaar in the northwest Netherlands, where his home still stands. During the 1670s he sold copies of his earlier drawings. From 1671 to 1673, he reproduced an extensive group on account-book paper, which constitutes almost a quarter of his surviving works. Over three hundred of his drawings exist, most with subtle watercolor washes and some with white bodycolor over black chalk. Himself a collector, Doomer purchased items from Rembrandt's 1658 sale, including an album of drawings by Roelandt Savery. Doomer spent his final years in Amsterdam.