Gaspard Marsy

Dates1624 - 1681
RolesArtist, Sculptor
BornCambrai, France

Gaspard Marsy, premier peintre to Louis XIV, and his brother Balthazar participated in the king's major decorative projects. After training with their father, the brothers left Cambrai for Paris in 1648, studying with a wood carver and the city's best sculptors. They were prepared to work in every genre, from architectural sculpture to portraiture, and in every aspect of artistic production, from carving to restoration. They may have collaborated with Michel Anguier, since the figure type and proportion of their works in the queen mother's Louvre apartments closely resemble his style. For important companion pieces, the king's minister Charles Le Brun often pitted Gaspard against François Girardon, who shared similar training but displayed more restrained, classical tendencies. Gaspard deeply respected the historical masters, and the brothers' works shows influence from antique sculptures and Italian Renaissance and Baroque paintings. With nearly identical styles, the Marsys worked together closely on every commission until Balthazar's death in 1674. After that, Gaspard worked alone on public commissions and collaborated with Anselme Flamen. He also spent more time overseeing investments in land, apartment houses, works of art, and the stock market.