Peter Kinzing

Dates1745 - 1816
BornNeuwied, Germany
DiedMannheim, Germany

Peter Kinzing's fascination with clocks began early. A self-trained clockmaker, he made his first pendulum clock at the age of ten. Public recognition came when he began to work with the German ébéniste David Roentgen around 1770. While Roentgen made the cases, Kinzing produced complicated mechanisms for furniture and astronomical clocks with chimes or pendulums. The partnership was highly successful, and in 1785 both were honored with titles from the French monarchy, with Kinzing becoming horloger de la reine (Clockmaker to the Queen). Marie-Antoinette was said to have been particularly charmed by an automaton he made of a lady playing a harpsichord. When Kinzing retired, his son continued the business.

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