Etienne Doirat

Datesabout 1675 - 1732

Étienne Doirat belonged to a family of ébénistes(cabinetmakers) that had been established in Paris from the beginning of the 1600s. Doirat is unusual for stamping his furniture with his name, a procedure uncommon among cabinetmakers until it was required by guild rules in 1743. He constructed various furniture forms, including commodes, armoires, corner cupboards, and tables, often veneered with simple parquetry in exotic woods. Doirat tried to keep exclusive control over the models for his bronze furniture mounts, although he did not carry out the casting, chasing, and gilding in his own workshop.

In 1731 Doirat established a shop to sell his work on the fashionable rue Saint Honoré, a street inhabited by luxury dealers. On his death, the shop was taken over by his son-in-law, also an ébéniste.

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