Sisyphus Painter

Datesactive 420 - 390 B.C.
NationalityGreek (Apulian)

The Sisyphus Painter decorated vases in the red-figure technique in the city of Tarentum in South Italy. Probably the most important member of the early generation of Apulian vase-painters, the Sisyphus Painter greatly influenced later vase-painters. His work closely followed the Athenian tradition. He favored decorating large vessels, especially kraters, with theatrical or Dionysiac subjects on the front and youths wrapped in cloaks on the back. He was one of the first Apulian vase-painters to incorporate regional elements such as Apulian vessels and warriors wearing local Apulian armor, into his work. As with many Greek vase-painters, the real name of the Sisyphus Painter is unknown; he is referred to by the name inscribed on an object in a marriage scene on a vase now in Munich.