Clarence Sinclair Bull

Dates1896 - 1979
BornSun River, Montana, United States
DiedLos Angeles, California, United States

Clarence Sinclair Bull framed his life and work in his 1968 book The Faces of Hollywood. The son of the postmaster in Sun River, Montana, Bull was nudged toward photography by a famous, well-meaning local painter whom he had unsuccessfully tried to emulate. It was good advice; Bull won his first photographic competition at age fourteen and continued apace until 1918, when he headed for Hollywood the day he graduated from the University of Michigan.

In Hollywood, Bull made still photographs of the era's leading stars, first at Metro Studios, them at Samuel Goldwyn's studio. For more than a dozen years, he was Greta Garbo's exclusive photographer. Beginning in 1924 at the merged Metro-Goldywn-Mayer, Bull headed the still photography department until his retirement in 1960.