Charles Richard Meade

Dates1826 - 1858
RolesPhotographer, Daguerreotypist
BornUnited Kingdom

Charles Richard Meade began his photography career in Albany, New York, in 1842. After opening "Daguerrean Depots," as the studios were called, with his brother Henry in Albany, Buffalo, Troy, and Saratoga Springs, the Meade Brothers opened a grand studio on Broadway in New York City. The Broadway studio was the first combined daguerreotype studio and gallery in the United States; the brothers later opened a branch of the studio and gallery in Brooklyn.

The main attraction at Meade Brothers was the gallery: a public display of daguerreotypes of famous people they had photographed. At various times between 1848 and 1854, Charles Meade traveled and photographed in Europe. He died just short of his thirty-second birthday after a long illness, reputedly caused by his extensive exposure to photography chemicals.

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