Pieter Moninckx

Dates1606 - 1686

Dutch artists in the 1600s often traveled to Italy to complete their training. Pieter Moninckx visited longer than most--likely more than a decade--basing himself in Rome. In the 1700s, the Dutch writer Arnold Houbraken proposed that during Moninckx's time in Italy the artist had been in the service of the Pope; but little is known definitively about his activities there.

During his extended stay in Italy, Moninckx did establish himself as a specialist in drawn landscapes. Before venturing to Rome, he mainly produced genre scenes, but most of Moninckx's works from Italy were landscapes. He created topographical views of ancient monuments and harbors but also drew scenes of his own invention. Moninckx developed a distinctive style characterized by a careful build-up of thin washes with small areas applied in different tones. When he finally returned to Holland, his time in Italy continued to serve him well--Moninckx supplemented his income by appraising Italian paintings.