Hendrik Meyer

Dates1744 - 1793

Dutch artist Hendrik Meyer is best known for his meticulous draftsmanship of figured landscapes, finely rendered in watercolor and gouache. His drawings are filled with detail but also have a theatrical quality about them. Throughout his career, Meyer produced paintings, wall hangings, finished drawings, and prints. He was fond of incorporating older compositional elements (for example, sixteenth-century architectural motifs), which add romanticism to his depictions of everyday life.

As a teenager, Meyer trained with David Coenraadts, an artist who is now completely unknown. At age twenty, he enrolled in Amsterdam's Drawing Academy, where he studied for four years. He then set up shop in Haarlem and joined the board of a local drawing academy.

Around 1774, Meyer traveled to England with another Haarlem artist, Wybrand Hendriks. After his return he settled in Leiden, attended the university there, and produced a series of wall hangings. Sometime after 1779, Meyer moved to London, where he worked with printer Timothy Sheldrake to create etched and aquatint landscapes.