Matteo da Milano

Datesactive 1492 - 1523

Matteo da Milano was one of the most important Italian illuminators working in the late-fifteenth and early-sixteenth centuries. Originally from Milan, Matteo worked largely in Rome and Ferrara. His wide range of powerful patrons included the Este family of Ferrara, the Medici of Florence, the Orsini of Rome, and the della Rovere, dukes of Urbino. He specialized in making manuscripts for highly ranking ecclesiastics from prominent families, among them Pope Leo X.

Matteo was an innovative and eclectic artist, whose lively, colorful, and refined qualities appealed to his urbane, sophisticated patrons. He was especially known for his innovative border decorations, which combined traditions from classical antiquity and northern Europe, including the use of grotesques, jewels, cameos, and other all'anticadecoration, as well as carefully observed flora and fauna.