Foundry Painter

Datesactive 500 - 470 B.C.
RolesArtist, Painter
NationalityGreek (Attic)

The Foundry Painter decorated pottery using the red-figure technique in Athens during the early fifth century B.C. As with most vase-painters, his real name is unknown, and he is identified only by the stylistic traits of his work. He received the name Foundry Painter because one of his vases, now in Berlin, shows a foundry in which bronze workers are making statues.

The Foundry Painter probably learned his craft in the workshop of the Brygos Painter and at some point in his career he worked with Onesimos. He also collaborated with at least two potters, Brygos and Euphronios. Greek vase-painters often specialized in the decoration of certain shapes of vases. The Foundry Painter specialized in cups. As for his style, the Foundry Painter represented figures in a less idealized, more realistic manner than many of his contemporaries.