Dora Maar

Dates1907 - 1997
RolesArtist, Photographer
BornTours, France
DiedParis, France

Dora Maar was born Théodora Markovic in France but grew up in Argentina. Upon her return to France in 1925, she studied painting and photography, posing as a model for Man Ray and others before becoming a photographer herself. She worked for a time as a professional photographer in fashion, advertising, and photoreportage. In the 1930s Maar became involved in the Surrealist movement, began to paint, and made her best-known work, mostly re-photographed photocollages.

Around 1935 Maar met Pablo Picasso and for the next nine years was his lover and muse. Picasso frequently and famously painted her, and Maar documented the evolution of his most famous painting, Guernica. In the 1950s Maar gave up photography altogether for painting. Soon after she retired from the art community.