Master of the Dominican Effigies

Datesactive about 1325 - about 1355
RolesArtist, Illuminator

The Master of the Dominican Effigies was one of the most important illuminators of the generation following Pacino di Bonaguida, with whom he regularly collaborated. He takes his name from a famous panel depicting Christ and the Virgin enthroned among seventeen saints and other blessed figures from the Dominican Order (Santa Maria Novella, Florence). As did many Florentine painters, the Master of the Dominican Effigies worked on panel and in fresco as well as manuscripts. Among his other great manuscript illuminations are those created for the famous Biadaiolo (Biblioteca Laurenziana, Florence, cod. Tempiano 3), which portrays scenes of historical events of fourteenth-century Florence and a Treatise on the Virtues and Vices(Vatican City, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Cod. Barb. Lat. 3984). These works are marked by a meticulous execution and an interest in minute narrative detail.

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