Carlo Ponti

Datesborn Switzerland, about 1823 - 1893
RolesMaker, Photographer
BornTicino, Switzerland
DiedVenice, Italy

After learning photography while working as an optician's assistant in Paris, Carlo Ponti moved to Venice, Italy, around 1852. He opened a shop selling optical equipment as well as architectural views of Venice, Padua, and Verona and reproductions of works of art. Ponti also invented optical instruments designed to allow a greater experience of three-dimensionality in two-dimensional photographs, including the megalethoscope, the graphoscope, and the alethoscope, which was variously called a dioramascope or pontioscope. In 1866 Ponti was appointed optician and photographer to the king of Italy. Ironically, considering his focus on aiding vision with instruments and photographs, Ponti died blind at age seventy-three.