Master of the Llangattock Hours

Datesactive about 1450 - 1460

The Master of the Llangattock Hours is the primary artist of a book of hours now in the Getty Museum. The Llangattock Hours is named after the Baron Llangattock who owned the manuscript in the twentieth century. The artist was active in the generation following the renowned panel painter Jan van Eyck and was greatly influenced by him, at times directly coping his compositions and figural groupings. The figures painted by the Master of the Llangattock Hours are small and stiffly drawn, and set in rolling landscapes or slightly awkward architecture. The artist's palette tends to feature dense colors and little or no indication of the play of light.

The Master of the Llangattock Hours was probably based in Bruges, given the artist's reliance on Eychian compositions, participation in the final campaign of the Turin-Milan Hours, and collaboration with other artists based in that city, like Willem Vrelant.