Master of the Murano Gradual

Datesactive about 1430 - 1460

The Master of the Murano Gradual takes his name from a gradual (a type of choir book containing the sung portions of the mass) that was disbound at some point in the past and now exists only as a series of cuttings and leaves in several collections. The gradual may have originally come from the Camaldolese monastery of San Michele in Murano. The Master of the Murano Gradual is one of the most distinctive artists to illuminate manuscripts in northern Italy. His illumination style has sometimes been confused with that of Belbello da Pavia (active about 1430, dead after 1473), but while his illuminations do demonstrate a connection to Belbello's style, the Master of the Murano Gradual's figures are more broadly conceived, fully modeled, and expressive of gravity. One of the most likely explanations for the connection between the two artists is that they worked together.