Roger M. Parry

Dates1905 - 1977

Born and educated in Paris, Roger Parry was originally interested in painting and worked as a draftsman after graduation. In 1928 he met Maurice Tabard, who taught him photography and for whom Parry worked as a darkroom assistant. Parry published his photographs in Art et Métiers Graphiques, a photographic annual, and Banalités, a book of poems. These publications gained the attention of André Malraux, with whom Parry became associated around 1930.

Parry worked for Malraux and the Gallimard publishers for more than forty years. In 1934 Gallimard published Parry's photographs of Tahiti. During World War II Parry was a photography war correspondent for the news agency L'Express. He eventually became head of photography and art director for the Gallimard publication Nouvelle Revue Française.