Antoine de Lonhy

Datesactive about 1460 - about 1490

Antoine de Lonhy's real identity was discovered only in the last decade. A painter, illuminator, and designer of stained glass, he was known formerly only by names of convenience, such as the Saluces Master, after one of his patrons, or the Master of the Turin Trinity, after one of his best paintings. Recently discovered documents show that de Lonhy worked in Toulouse and Barcelona early in his career. He perhaps passed through Lyons and Avignon, but settled in the Savoy region of France, near the present-day border with Italy. There he produced a manuscript for Yolande of France, widow of the duke of Savoy.

Characteristic of his style is the skillful combination of the monumental with an attention to subtle details. His figures are often heavy and dressed in ample garments with deep folds, yet they wear dreamy expressions and their flesh is modeled with an uncommon softness and luminosity. His generally subdued range of rich browns and golds is offset by touches of brilliant color.