Vienna Master of Mary of Burgundy

Datesactive about 1470 - about 1480

Few artists of the 1400s have provoked more discussion and dissent among scholars than the artist once known as the Master of Mary of Burgundy, who was named for two manuscripts, one now in Vienna and the other in Berlin, made for duchess Mary of Burgundy. Current scholarship recognizes that the work seen in the Hours of Mary of Burgundy in Vienna should be attributed to a distinct artistic personality known as the Vienna Master of Mary of Burgundy.

Although the number of illuminations associated with the Vienna Master of Mary of Burgundy remains small, the artist's work constitutes some of the most original and refined art of the 1400s. These works are characterized by a profound sense of emotion, subtle atmospheric effects, and closely observed details of the moment depicted. The radical changes seen in Flemish illumination in the years around 1470, which included an exponential increase in the level of naturalism in both miniatures and borders, have been associated largely with the achievements of this single artist.

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