Master of the Getty Froissart

Datesactive about 1475 - 1485

The anonymous artist known as the Master of the Getty Froissart has only recently been defined as a distinct artistic personality. The artist's name derives from the illuminations that enliven a copy of a text written by Jean Froissart now held by the J. Paul Getty Museum. A subtle handling of light, space, and color characterizes the artist's miniatures. Light-filled interiors reveal a persistent interest in defining spatial relationships, while landscapes provide dramatic settings for the action-filled narratives.

All of the manuscripts containing illuminations by the Master of the Getty Froissart are large secular books, most of them containing historical texts. Although very little is now known of this artist's life, the work of the Master of the Getty Froissart played an important role in the revitalization of secular text illustration in the years around 1480 in Flanders.