Master of Sir John Fastolf

Datesactive before about 1420 - about 1450

The Master of Sir John Fastolf was an anonymous illuminator active in France and England in the second quarter of the 1400s, during the period of French-English strife known as the Hundred Years War. The Master's name comes from a manuscript he illuminated for Sir John Fastolf in England around 1450.

The Master of Sir John Fastolf first worked in Paris with the Boucicaut Master before 1420 and then moved to Rouen. The English, who dominated this thriving commercial center, became the Master's patrons. Sometime before the surrender of Rouen to the French in 1449, the Master moved to England. After his departure, his influence continued to be felt in Rouen, chiefly because of his practice of outlining forms, which made his compositions easy to reproduce. His style is characterized by boldly drawn figures with expressive features and landscapes constructed of flat surface patterns and stylized natural details.