Pierre-Josse Perrot

Datesactive 1724 - 1750

Records from the Gobelins tapestry manufactory list Pierre-Josse Perrot as an ornament painter. Other royal offices, including the Savonnerie carpet manufactory, also employed him. His earliest recorded work, completed in 1725, was a carpet design for the throne room at Versailles.

A group of watercolor sketches provides the little information that is known about Perrot's work, which epitomized the Rococo style. He drew flowers, colorful acanthus leaf scrolls, shells, and repeated royal emblems. At both the Gobelins and the Savonnerie, Perrot moved the manufactory's design aesthetic from the bold Baroque style to the more dainty, light-hearted Rococo. At each factory, his designs used lighter colors and more delicate compositions than those of earlier artists.