Gherardo Starnina (Master of the Bambino Vispo)

Dates(Florentine), about 1360 - before 1413

Although scholars regard Gherardo Starnina as one of the most important painters of his time in Florence, very little is known about him. He probably studied with a well-regarded Florentine painter who made numerous frescoes. Documents show that he worked extensively in Spain, specifically in Toledo and Valencia, executing many panel paintings and frescoes there. Starnina's earliest known works, frescoes in a Florentine chapel of 1404, illustrate his concern for spatial arrangement and for depicting three-dimensional figures. Most of his known paintings are altarpieces, often illustrating scenes from the lives of the saints. Stylistically, Starnina drew from many sources, including the Late Gothic style he witnessed while in Spain, and he developed a uniquely independent, progressive manner..