Wolfgang Howzer

Datesactive 1660 - about 1688

Swiss goldsmith Wolfgang Howzer was considered a likeable person, although his contemporaries found his work expensive. "He is a good man but deere," commented one bishop's steward who had paid a substantial sum to Howzer for an altar dish.

In the 1660s Howzer moved from Zurich, where he had served his apprenticeship with his father, to London. At a time when many native English metalworkers were unemployed, Howzer received a special dispensation from the king to practice his craft. In return, the monarch ordered that he "imploy [the king's] Native subjects and not Strangers" in his workshop.

Howzer worked first as an embosser before registering his mark, a WH above a cherub, in 1664. He is last mentioned in records in 1688.

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