Jean-Louis Morin

Dates1732 - 1787
BornVincennes, France
DiedSévres, France

When Jean-Louis Morin started work at age twenty-one at the Vincennes Porcelain Manufactory, he was described as "five foot four inches high, with red hair, shifty eyes and nearly white [skin]...and freckles, wearing a wig, with an ugly body." The son of an army surgeon, Morin studied surgery before changing his profession to porcelain painter. According to the factory's enrollment register, he started with an adequate knowledge of drawing but had little talent for the more difficult task of applying colors. After a couple of years of practice, however, he was "making progress with his use of colors" and "his talents and work [had] improved."

Morin first practiced on vases and tea wares, painting cherubs on clouds or in landscapes. He advanced to become one of the factory's leading figure painters, specializing in battle scenes, military encampments, seascapes, and harbor scenes. The majority of his work was painted on tea and useful wares, as well as on flower and ornamental vases. Morin signed his works with a scrolling M or m.

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