Jacques-François Deparis

Datesactive 1746 - 1797
BornAumale, France

Described in the archives of the Sèvres Porcelain Manufactory as "well built...with a big black beard as well as black hair, soft voice...a wise man, interested in his work, who always tries to improve," Jacques-François Deparis spent his entire life as a répareur, molding and sculpting porcelain. He came to the Vincennes Porcelain Manufactory when he was eleven and worked as an apprentice for three years without pay, making the handles and spouts of vessels. Promoted first to be the assistant for the designer Jean-Claude Duplessis, Deparis became chef des répareurs (head of the répareurs) in 1774, when Duplessis died. In his new role, Deparis designed vases and tablewares and headed the soft-paste porcelain workshop. As chef, he received the added bonus of free accommodation and heating.