Egerton Master

Dates/ Netherlandish, active about 1405 - 1420

The Egerton Master gets his name from a manuscript in the British Library with the shelfmark Egerton 1070--a book of hours. This artist may have been Netherlandish by birth, but his career as we know it began in Paris. There he collaborated with many of the most important manuscript illuminators of the period, including the Boucicaut Master and the Master of the Brussels Initials. His work also demonstrates knowledge of the art of the famous Limbourg Brothers.

The works illuminated by the Egerton Master include numerous books of hours, bibles, liturgical books, and a Grand Chronicles of France. He also illuminated some of the works of Christine de Pizan, one of the most famous female authors of the 1300s and 1400s. In 1409 Christine herself asked the Egerton Master to illuminate three copies of her work on the seven psalms.