Pierre Golle

Datesabout 1620 - 1684, master before 1656
BornBergen, The Netherlands
DiedParis, France

The second son of a bailiff, Pierre Golle was born in Holland but moved to Paris at an early age. He first worked as an apprentice to an ébéniste who specialized in ebony furniture, then later married his master's daughter and took over the workshop. A connection by marriage to the architect and engraver Jean Marot, who worked for Louis XIV, king of France, may have led to Golle's first royal commission.

From 1656 onward Golle is described in documents as maître menuisier en ébène ordinaire du roi (Master Furniture-Maker-in-Ordinary in Ebony to the King). His first royal commission was for a large cabinet to hold the king's medals and drawings in his study in the Palais du Louvre. Other works included exotic pieces covered with floral marquetry and tortoiseshell, ivory, brass, and pewter marquetry. An inventory of Golle's stock at the time of his death described almost two hundred pieces of furniture of various forms.