Rohan Master

Datesactive about 1410 - 1440

This anonymous illuminator is named for his involvement in a manuscript known as the Rohan Hours (Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Ms. lat. 9471), in which the arms of the Rohan family appear numerous times, although it is not clear whether the arms are original to the manuscript. The Rohan Master's work shows the influence of the greatest Parisian artists of the day, such as the Boucicaut Master and the Limbourg brothers, but his style is characterized by an unusually expressive quality unknown in the elegant works of his contemporaries. Striking contrasts in scale, distorted perspective, and a forceful linear quality all contribute to the distinctive nature of the Rohan Master's illumination.

Although the Rohan Master's origins are unknown, he seems to have worked early in his career in the Champagne region of France, before moving around 1415-1420 to Paris, where he formed a large workshop and often collaborated with other illuminators. His work during this period encompassed not only books of hours, but several ambitious secular manuscripts as well. At some point, he returned to Champagne, and his later career is closely associated with the Angevin court and its center at Angers.