Biagio d'Antonio

Dates(Florentine) 1446 - after 1508
BornFlorence, Italy
DiedFlorence, Italy

Biagio d'Antonio was trained in Florence, where he was first influenced by the elegant, linear style of Fra Filippo Lippi. By 1476 he had established himself as an independent painter in Faenza, where he remained for at least thirty years and built a large bottega, or workshop. He continued to work in other parts of Italy as well. Biagio collaborated with Domenico Ghirlandaio, considered the best fresco painter in Florence, incorporating Ghirlandaio's compositions and facial types into his own paintings. Biagio favored the bright, crystalline colors, carpets of flowers, genre details, and landscape backgrounds of northern European art, though scholars are uncertain about precisely how he became exposed to Flemish and German painting. Biagio painted many religious subjects, particularly the Madonna and Child, and he may also have made miniatures for a Bible. In his mythological and classical subjects, Biagio animated his pictorial narratives with rich and highly colored costumes and armor. He created many panels for cassoni, the elaborately carved and decorated marriage chests that held a bride's trousseau.

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