Mariotto di Nardo

Datesactive 1394 - 1424
BornFlorence, Italy

The son of a sculptor, Mariotto di Nardo probably learned the rudiments of sculpture and painting from his father. Realizing his talent for painting at a young age, Mariotto soon established himself as a painter of frescoes and panel paintings and an illuminator of manuscripts. He was in great demand for public and private commissions. Early in his career, he became the principal artist for the cathedral in his native Florence. Following suit, most of the important churches in Florence also commissioned frescoes from him, and religious orders commissioned him to paint illuminated manuscripts.

Mariotto collaborated with one of the most famous artists in Florence, the sculptor Lorenzo Ghiberti, on an altarpiece in the town of Pesaro. Following the predominant Florentine style of his time, Mariotto's altarpieces featured saints and religious scenes set against flat, often gold backgrounds.