Charles Voisin

Dates1685 - 1761, master 1710
BornParis, France
DiedParis, France

Clockmaker Charles Voisin was born into the Parisian middle class; his uncle was a gardener to the king, a position with a comfortable livelihood and some standing in society. By the end of his life, Voisin himself had amassed a significant fortune and raised the social position of his children. His daughters all married into prestigious families, and his youngest son was made one of the king's personal valets, which raised him into the nobility.

Another mark of Voisin's success was the scope of his clientele, which ranged from the royal family to countless members of the French aristocracy. These clients purchased clocks that are better characterized by the quality of their cases than by the complexity of their movements. Voisin frequently placed his movements in clock cases decorated with porcelain, like the one in the Getty Museum's collection.

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