The new vision that emerged by 1982 conceived of the Getty as an interdisciplinary center for learning and a resource to the world of art and art history. The new institution would include a research center and scholarly library, a conservation institute, an art history information program, arts education, a modest grant program, and new publications initiatives, as well as a new museum.

With its approval of these initiatives in 1982, the Board effectively remade the Getty as a multifaceted institution engaged in a broad range of programs related to art, art history, and education.

Recognizing the broader scope of the mission, the Board authorized Williams the following year to seek court approval to change the name of the institution from the J. Paul Getty Museum Trust to simply the J. Paul Getty Trust.

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VIDEO—Stuart Peeler
Stuart Peeler joined the Getty Trust's Board of Trustees in 1965 and served for the next 32 years. Peeler shares his thoughts on how the institution would subsequently develop.

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VIDEO—Harold Williams
Harold Williams, chief executive officer of the Getty in 1982, discusses the plans that emerged from the year of exploration.

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